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#breyt Akhal-Teke
2007 Limited Edition

Before the Arabian and the Thoroughbred, there was an ancient breed
of horse known for its stamina, endurance, intelligence, and beauty. The
Akhal-Teke has been a part of Middle Eastern legends and fairytales for
centuries, but is still an unfamiliar breed to most of the world. Possibly
the oldest living equine breed, the Akhal-Teke is the only pure strain of
the ancient Turkmen horses. 
Their long head, slender neck, and narrow body structure remain the
same as their ancestors: the Massaget, Parthian, Nisean, Persian and
Turkmen horses. Their most unusual trait, an iridescent coat, can not 
be found in any other breed. Though mostly dun, Akhal-Tekes can also
be black, bay, chestnut, gray or palomino.
In 1935, several Akhal-Tekes and their riders completed a 2,600 mile
race across the desert to Moscow. The horses endured 84 days of
scorching sun, burning sand, storms, and rough footing to complete the
race unscathed.
A 2007 limited edition, this model of an Akhal-Teke replicates the
characteristics that enabled the breed to survive for centuries including
the shimmer of his iridescent coat.

Ages 8 and up.

Sorry, item is temporarily out of stock

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