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Rascal the Dog
#baby-st Rascal the Dog
Introducing the new and engaging world of StoryTellers, where stuffed animals
come to life through their very own beautifully written stories. Share the joy
and wonder of a child as they listen, read and play along. Discover the special
story details in each character. Find the squeak, the crinkle and the other story
elements – it’s the perfect combination of reading, storytelling and play. 
We think that every child deserves a lap top… YOURS!
Rascal is a 10" two toned brown dog with a pink, droopy tongue. He comes
with a special 5" purple, orange and white monkey friend as well as his very
own 4 chapter story, printed on bright yellow fabric story sheets and tucked
safely in his zippered pouch.
3 in stock

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